poèmes d'un soir, poèmes d'un loir

Mardi 28 mars 2017 à 23:37

 Memories last forever


When memories call, nobody answer back,

Life still goes on, and you know, nothing really last

This is my life, forever confined in the past,

Wherever I go, I will never have it back.


When memories call, but you don’t have the time,

You keep them, warm, for your lonely night abroad.

Travelling the world, walking peacefully on the road,

Despite your pain, you will always hear the sad chime.


When memories call, you don’t want them to be back,

Remembering gloomily how life goes so fast.

For hours, images scroll, until sleep at last,

Waiting your awake, and the carousel to start back.


When memories call, as part of your past years,

Smile and tears may dance in your mind together.

This is my life, to make me, in a way, stronger,

To support those days that my mind created somber.

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